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Collaborative Family Law
  • Family conflicts settled without court
  • Cooperative multidisciplinary team approach
  • Focus on best interests of the children
  • Client-centered outcomes tailor-made to each family
  • Win-win solutions for both parties
  • Priorities and timing determined by spouses
  • Success rate of process is exceptional
  • Suitable even in high conflict relationships
  • One neutral mediator helps couples reach consensus
  • Careful and thorough drafting of settlement agreements
  • Compliance with results is respected by parties
  • Pacing of case is determined by clients
  • E-mediation capability for long-distance settlement facilitation
  • Client self-determination is paramount
Real Estate
Small toy house with keys
  • Purchase and sale of residential properties
  • Mortgage refinance transactions
  • Commercial acquisitions and transfers
  • Title insurance for owners and lenders
  • Boundary disputes and title resolution
  • Life use deeds for family asset preservation
  • Equitable distribution conveyances
Other Concentrations of Expertise
  • Wills, powers of attorney, health care proxies, and other advance directives
  • Probate, trust and estate planning and administration
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
  • LLC, PC, S-Corp, Not-for-Profit organizations, and partnership creation
  • Select injury suits, contract claims and defense against local traffic and violation charges

In Their Words

“Dan’s office is really unlike any other law firm I’ve ever worked with.  His staff is very helpful and I am always comforted when getting his advice.  I never feel like my time is wasted when contacting my lawyer.”

Union Rep., Syracuse